Wellness incentives

Health Assessment

Simple Steps To A Healthier Life health assessment

Your first step to a healthier you

It all starts with a simple health assessment. Just think of it as a mini survey of your health history and habits. With instant results and advice that you can take with you forever.

You can:

  • Learn about your health risks and how to lower them
  • Gain real-life tips for better well-being
  • Share results with your doctor, and more

And did we mention it only takes a few minutes?

What questions to expect

We’ll ask you everyday things like what foods you eat or how you sleep. Plus, about any medical conditions you have.

You’ll also see questions on health habits you can change, like whether you use tobacco, how often you exercise or even if you wear sunscreen.

Time-saving tip: In some instances, your data may be pre-filled. Otherwise, try to have your latest numbers from any screening tests or exams on hand – like your blood pressure, cholesterol or weight.

Your responses are confidential

Your health is your business. Your health assessment is protected by a password and lives on a secure site. So all the details you give us are safe, too.

All about you

More reasons to take your health assessment:

You’ll feel great. You’ll get tips to make good food choices, stop smoking, start a workout program and more.

You may save money. You’ll get all the support you need to be a healthier you – a surefire way to spend less on health care.

You’ll get personal support. The information you share helps us share programs specifically geared to your goals. You may even work with a health coach.*

Two steps to take your health assessment

  1. Log in to your member website at aetna.com. New to the site? Just click “Register.”
  2. Click on the heath assessment link under the “Stay Healthy” icon.

You can easily finish in one sitting. But we’ll save your answers, so you can always come back later.

Complete a Health Assessment to Receive These Incentives

  1. Biometric Screening and Health Risk Assessment – $150
    1. You must complete an onsite biometric screening or schedule a screening at a Quest lab.
    2. You must complete the Health Assessment
    3. Both items are required to receive the $150 gift card
  2. Online Wellness Program – $25
    1. Complete an online coaching program located on our member portal www.aetna.com
    2. Earn a $25 gift card

* You may be eligible; check your benefits plan.